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Need To Know

:::All our Necklaces are HANDMADE:::

What does this mean? - This means we aren't perfect! Although we try to keep our handiwork discreet on the necklaces it is impossible to avoid and for them to be entirely perfect, meaning there is an evident front and back on all of our necklaces.

All our necklaces vary in size as we are very relaxed here at the PomPomZigZag studio, we think there is no fun in following the rules and restricting our creativity with measurements! So all necklaces are approximately 52cm or somewhere around that!

:::Necklaces Care:::

Our Necklaces are made with a range of fabrics, the necklaces are pretty durable but its best to try not to spill any staining liquids on them and try (as best you can) to not get them wet!


Our shipping prices are £1:00. Thats right just £1:00 per necklace! All orders will be shipped with in 3 days of ordering.


Not happy with your product? You can return the product for a full refund or exchange it for another necklace.

Give us a buzz and let us know with in 7 days of purchase . We will require you to pay the return postage and send us the necklace back along with the invoice, once received you will receive a full refund or an exchange!


If you have ANY problems with your necklaces do not hesitate to contact us! We are super friendly and here to help!

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