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PomPomZigZag Crafty Kits - Ugly Beads


PomPomZigZag are now offering the chance for you to get creative with our Make Your Own Crafty Kits. So you can design your very own PomPomZigZag Ugly Bead necklace at home - or if you don't like rules you can just go wild and make your own clay creation!

Each kit contains:
1. 8 blobs of coloured polymer clay (colours are random and may vary from picture)

2. A bottle of glitter (for making that special glittery bead or just covering your face in it!)

3. Cord

4.Pop Barrel Fastener

5. Toothpicks for poking prodding and making a hole through your beads.

6. Matchbox (to keep your necklace safe!)

7. Instructions

Please make sure you wash hands before and after use of clay. And don't put them in your mouth!

Clay must be baked at 110°C for 15 minutes.

Don't forget to tag your creations with #pompomzigzag